I’m on day two of this lifestyle. Wow….this is not easy. My energy is low, my head hurts, I want to sleep and crawl in a hole.

I have never craves processed foods more in my life. I want a bean burrito deep fried with enchilada sauce. I want chips and a snickers bar. I want all of these things that I didn’t eat every day anyway, but my body is saying “FEED ME”.

The funny thing is that I AM eating. I’m just not eating refined flour and…well…to be honest…crap.

I went to the store last night and I got fruits, veggies, nuts, protein. I made my servings last night before bed and then took everything with me to work.

So, it is 1:30 PST and here are the things I have discovered:

  1. Eating actual meals are overrated.
  2. My body feels like it is starving unless I eat all day long.
  3. Eating all day long requires a scheduled time to proportion out your food so you don’t over eat.
  4. The food you put in your plastic bag or tupperware always looks like less until you actually start eating it.
  5. My stomach doesn’t like this change in eating and it is letting me know.

My day is continuing and I am not dying. I am being my own warrior and taking accountability for the battle taken place in my body. I’m pretty confident that I am going to lose sometimes. I’m okay with that.

It is okay to fall off the wagon. All that means is tomorrow you have a journey to climb back on.



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