World Upside Down


Like everyone else in the world, I have decided to start a blog about my health. Why? I suppose I hope that through my journey, I can help someone else avoid the pain and frustration that I have had all of these years.

I’m 30 years old. I have a Chiari Malformation and in 2011 I had the decompression sugery with the duraplast. I thought after I healed, that I would have these amazing life that is pain free. I was so wrong. Since my surgery I have had nerve blocks, my nerves burned off, botox, numerous meds, etc. None of which have entirely helped me in the way I hoped.

I’ve read about my condition until I was blue in the face. I stayed within the box and didn’t follow any path other than Chiari. My partner started researching my condition and general “ailments” and she has come to the conclusion that I have an issue with my lymph nodes and this is what is causing the swelling, the flare ups, the pain and so and and so forth.

While researching lymph nodes, we discovered that most people speak about inflammation so that led us to look at what causing inflammation. Essentially, after research we discovered that my body basically hates itself. Anything foreign (food, menstrual cycle, stress etc) will put my body into attack mode and then I am miserable.

So, knowing that my body is a warrior against itself…what can I do to fix that? This led our research to Hodkins, Auto Immune, and other types of related diseases and illnesses. So, even though I don’t necessarily have the above, my body is still needing the same treatment.

What is the result and what journey am I going to take you on? RAW.

I have to stop from putting my body into attack mode. I can’t control my menstral period, I can sometimes control my stress. The one thing I can control is the food I take in.

So, this 15 year vegetarian will actually start being a vegetarian. No more processed foods, no more un-refined carbs. No more binding agents going into my body.

This isn’t going to be easy. In fact, I have every intention that this is going to be miserable for a while, but the outcome will benefit.

So, welcome to my journey of removing the processed and becoming human again.


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