Changing…Day 3

Day three is here…it is 9:39 am PST. I have been up since about 6:00 am and all I can think about it food. The idea of eating a huge family size bag of Doritos is dancing in my mind. Throw in a cheese sandwich on french bread and I would be a happy woman!

Well, at least for a short period of time until the guilt sets in and my stomach starts hurting. It is funny how the brain can trick you into wanting things that you don’t really want and especially don’t need. I’ll leave those tantilizing cravings at the door and move forward with my lifestyle.

Update on me:

Surprisingly, I woke up feeling like I had more engery than normal and got out of bed pretty much when my alarm went off. The sluggishness that I normally feel wasn’t there. I was still tired, but who isn’t when they wake up?!

My pain levels haven’t decreased, but I am not expecting any miracles. Even if my pain doesn’t ever go away, at least I will still be healthy from the inside out. I cannot let that discourage me or stop me from achieving my goals.

My mood feels more stable. I am not finding myself getting those high spikes in energy and then crashing a couple hours later. Everything seems to be level and consistent. I still feel tired…more than usual, but I have more energy if that makes any sense at all. I want to say that the food is giving me the right energy and my body trying to detox the bad fodo is draining me. I hope that after a couple weeks, that sensation will go away and it will only be the energy.

All in all, I am doing pretty well. I don’t have the brain fog as bad as I thought I would and I’m functioning at a pretty high level. Woo Hoo!!


I thought I would add anytime I made something that ended up tasting good and was an actual meal of some sort.

Last night, I cut up some Mexican Squash and tossed it around in a frying pan with some seasoning and a little EVOO until they got soft. I really wanted to toss it in coconut oil, but I didn’t have any. I cut up half an avocado and put that on top. It was so delicious. The warm squash softened the avocado which added a nice texture. I felt extremely full and statisfied after I was done eating. The rest of the family had macaroni and cheese. I wanted macaroni and cheese and secretly hoped my son would offer me a bite. He didn’t, so I stuck to my dinner. In the moment, you are thinking, “dang it, I want that yumminess”. After you suprass the moment, you are thinking, “dang, I’m good!”.

Day two was a success and I’m proud of myself. Day three is proving to be easier.

May the raw force be with you…


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