I Cheated

Day Five

The title says it all! I cheated last night for dinner and I don’t feel guilty at all. My journey is about changing my lifestyle not depriving myself from some simple pleasures like spending a night with my partner and son enjoying a delicious dinner. I treated myself to some Mexican food and had a bean burrito. I did get the child size so I didn’t overindulge. When you do cheat, it is important that you don’t gorge.


After eating, I was extremely sick to my stomach. Although I enjoyed eating the food, I did not enjoy the aftermath that it caused. Once my stomach settled down, I seemed to be better; although extremely lethargic. Last night was really rough. After I went to bed, I was up multiple times with pain and at one point I had to get out of bed so I could sit up and try to relax my neck. I definitely contribute the “extra” pain to the food that I ate earlier that night. It was almost like it caused my body to just swell up. Today, I am still in a bit of “extra” pain, very tired and my intestinal system is very, very confused. TMI, I know…but this is what happens.

When I got home last night, I went ahead and packed my food for today and I was pleased with everything that I had. Today has been very successful with my food intake. I am working very hard on having a higher amount of vegetables and I notice that I am not getting the sugar spike that I was the first few days from all of the fruit. The balance seems to be working.

I am worried as this is the first weekend with my new lifestyle and my family is prone to going out to eat a lot on the weekends. I need to make sure that I always have food prepared so when we do go out, I can eat what I have in my bag instead of what is on the menu. I need to stand firm as cheating is a pleasure not a common occurrence. I’ll let you all know how that goes. Wish me luck!

I am off to heat up my lunch with is sautéed veggies in a light coconut oil mix. I am going to work on getting some recipes so I can make bread, tacos, etc. Those yummy carbs that are off limits! I am sure there is a Paleo way of doing it!


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