The Dollar Store Has What?

Day 6

Today has been extremely lazy day. My partner woke up with an awful cold and our son has been quietly playing only to wake up from his nap feeling sick. Fingers crossed I don’t get sick too.

When I woke up this morning, I made what I have coined “silky veggie fritters”. They were absolutely amazing and very filling. I’ll post how I made it later for anyone who might want to try it.

I started making a binder that includes Paleo approved foods, self-made ingredient list and recipes that I have found online, along with any inventions I have made. I have a long way to go on the recipes, but I have a good start and it at least gives me idea.

I broke up my ingredient list (I’ll upload later) into specific categories like fruit, oils, fats, spices, etc. I figured it would make shopping extremely easy and I was right!

Using my ingredient list, I put together a list for my shopping trip today. Eating healthy can be extremely expensive, so I have been looking online and at different stores for the best price.

After finishing my shopping list, I realized that a lot of items could be found at the dollar store; or at least I hoped! I took my shopping and ingredient list and hoped in the car to start shopping. I was extremely surprised at how many items I found at the dollar store. Spices, coconut milk, fresh produce (odd, I know), broth…the list goes on! It was a very successful trip! I recommend giving it a shot!

Update on me…

Overall, I feel good. My digestive system is starting to stabilize and my energy is becoming more consistent. I still have pain but my body feels good so that is helping my manage it better. I like that I don’t have the pain AND feel like poo overall with my health. That’s a 50% improvement in my book!

I’m getting more and more excited with making food. Since it is just me doing this, each recipe I make will provide me with 3-4 servings. I’m up for making and trying anything so that helps with my creativity or lack of.

Anyway, things are going great. I’m so glad that I am doing this and I’m not giving up. It definitely gets easier every day!

Check back soon for recipes on what I ate today and my ingredient list.


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