Inside Out

Everyone seems very interested in my transformation. People are noticing my unintentional weight loss and my friend told me today that even though I was always beautiful; I shine now. That made my day. Her comment got me thinking about changing from the inside out and what that really consists of. There are many ways you can lose weight to look good on the outside, but that doesn’t mean you are healthy. Although this journey isn’t about losing weight for me, it is an added bonus and that is what people are going to see the most.

So, as I was thinking about the “inside out”, I thought that not only does that mean body but it also means your mind. Once you get past the detox portion of Paleo your mind really becomes a lot clearer. I wonder if it is because your body is just running smoother in general or because different chemicals are being released…I’m sure I could research it, but I would rather just ponder.

Paleo has not only helped me with getting my body healthy, it has also helped me with my anxiety, stress and overall mental health.

My anxiety is a lot lower than it use to be. I am grateful for this. Don’t get me wrong, I still have melt downs where I clean the house from top to bottom for no reason other than it helps me think, but they are less frequent. In fact, I actually left dishes in the sink!

My stress levels are far lower than before. I am positive that this is a direct result of me getting more vitamins in my body and on a daily  basis. The food that I eat is so nourishing that it allows for optimal absorption. Vitamin B is important to reduce stress and I am getting enough through my diet that supplements aren’t needed. It is a great feeling; especially since vitamins always made me sick.

Speaking of vitamins…they are a funny thing. We as humans take them because we don’t get the nutrients we need through our food sources. I only take one vitamin and it is a multi-vitamin. I am able to successfully get all of my nutrients through my food sources. I understand taking vitamins if you are deficient and can’t absorb or produce what you need, but why not cut the cost and just eat the right kinds of foods? The price of a bottle of vitamins makes me want to go eat a spinach salad instead. I would rather spend my money on a new pair of jeans or a cardigan. Plus, let’s be honest…if you don’t plan the intake of your vitamins with your next bowel movement; you will end up pooping it out anyway.

Anyway, I’ll get off my vitamin soap box.

A lot of people think that Paleo is a diet and I guess for some people it is. If you are doing Paleo to lose weight and then you achieve your desired results, the average person would then go back to their old ways and then it becomes the yo-yo game. I try to stress when I talk to people about this that it isn’t a diet. It is a way of life. It is just who you are and that’s about it. No diet, nothing extreme, just going back to basics and eating real food. When it is an actual lifestyle, there is technically no cheating. In fact, I encourage you to go out and eat a meal at your favorite restaurant. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that once in a while. I do! Plus, it might release some good endorphins in your body and actually aid you overall. Mental and physical!

I guess I would say, work on you as a person! Write down what makes you happy and what brings you down. Find ways to maximize your happiness and ways to reduce the negative in your life. Personally for me, I look at what I call “the grand scheme of things”. If I am finding that something upsets me, I try to think about how it is truly impacting me on a scale of 1-10. Usually, I find that it is very low and I work to remove the emotion. I’m not saying it works for everyone, but it works for me. In fact, when I decided to go through with this change; I cried. Oh, lord did I cry. I thought I was going to be so miserable and my life would be incomplete without these wonderful foods I had grown to love. It was so wrong. I stopped, I analyzed and I moved forward with my plan. I focused on me and how I could help myself from the inside. It’s working…join me with.





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