Sick, Tumbled off the Wagon & Slowly Climbing Back On…

It has been a long time since the last time I posted. I got extremely sick, Paleo went almost down the drain and now I am starting to slowly get myself back into reality.

I was really sick. I had something going on with my Chiari Malformation and nothing was helping. I was stuck in bed most days and to go shopping, prep food and actually make it wasn’t in the cards for me. My wife was working, my son still needed his 2nd mom and I couldn’t ask MY mom who traveled all the way from Texas to make my “special” foods. I ate what was given to me and I was happy that I was getting any food at all.

After 6 weeks of being off of work, I finally went back. I was hoping to ease myself into it, but that was only a lie that I told myself. From being sick and after going back to work, I was eating about 50/50 when it came to Paleo. I know I was being bad and it was dragging me down, but I didn’t have the capacity to handle work, being a wife, being a mother and being Paleo. So, the food went down the drain.

After more than 2 months of not going to the grocery store and eating processed food, I finally remade my commitment to myself. I went to the store, bought my needed ingredients and I am back to eating Paleo. I prepped my food and have my “food bag” back on my shoulder.

Where am I now? My job is still 60 hours a week. I’m working on my stress levels and I am hoping that getting back on track with my food will ease that. Maybe some of those vitamins and minerals that I am lacking will help boost me up.

The good news is that I already know what I am doing. I just need to take the time to do it. I need to start writing again, I need to start loving life again and enjoying the little things that keep me going. So, as I focus on rebuilding my immune system and eating the earth’s bounty, I will work on healing me mentally as well.



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