Felt Like Sharing

Here are some things that I just felt like sharing…

Chia Seeds: These are amazing little things and are full of so many nutrients. I put them in my smoothy every morning and add to any vegetable mix that I make. Chia Seeds boost the fiber, protein, calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3s in your diet. You just can’t beat that! If you get bored, do some reading online about these powerful little seeds.

Sunbutter: I was sad because I thought I would never again be able to have peanut butter and I was cursing those apples that I had to eat plain. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! There is this amazing thing called Sunbutter that is made from Sunflower Seeds. It tastes just like peanut butter, you can get it crunchy or creamy and it is only $3-4 a bottle!

Vinegar: My new best friend! Before going Paleo, I hardly ever had Vinegar…that is unless it was part of my oil/vinegar mix for that bread I was dipping it into! Now, I put this stuff on everything. It adds such flavor and is an amazing substitute for salads. Your house cannot be without this and neither should your taste buds!

Green Food: I had my first experience with my food turning green. I got scared and threw it away! Then I researched it and felt dumber than a box of rocks! Beware of Sunflower and Baking Soda. The combination will turn your food green. There is no harm just a reaction. In fact, it might be fun to use with the kids.


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