These crackers are for you.

That is what I heard as I made my salad this afternoon. I adamantly say to my friend who knows of my new food choices that I don’t eat crackers. She explains she needs crackers for her soup that she had, but they’re only free with my salad. We laughed and I brought her “stolen” crackers with me.

So, I’ve made it through my first week and I am no longer counting. I am beginning to wake up each morning without giving my lifestyle a second thought. It is becoming as much of a habit to me as French fries at McDonalds use to be.

This weekend was surprisingly easy for me. Granted I stayed home all weekend, but that can sometimes be harder since your old comfort foods are still around for the rest of the family and haunt you with their processed yumminess.

So, I took my weekend at home as an opportunity to experiment with food. I’ve already raved about my fritters so I won’t go there again, but I did make more wonderful things!

I successfully made sweet potato fries with homemade ketchup. So yummmmmy! It was a great midnight snack and now I have ketchup!

I also made a delicious and EXTREMELY spicy red pepper and avocado soup. Wow. It was so good and so hot. I was proud of that one. Now, I know I said meals are overrated, but if you don’t make it as a meal per se, you really have 3-4 servings which goes a long way with convenience.

I also made a vegetable melody with coconut milk which was really good and served well for a light lunch or mid day snack.

Today! My most triumphant feat was homemade Paleo Banana Bread! Oh my, it was so good and I indulged in two pieces! I can’t wait to have another piece tomorrow morning with my chia fruit smoothy. Mmmhmmmm!

As I type this, I have my “last leg veggies” simmering in some vegetable broth with seasonings for a delicious soup. That will feed me for a couple days and no food will go to waste; hence the banana bread.

Hey, I think I’m getting the hang of this! I know I owe you some recipes and I promise I’ll upload them soon!



The Dollar Store Has What?

Day 6

Today has been extremely lazy day. My partner woke up with an awful cold and our son has been quietly playing only to wake up from his nap feeling sick. Fingers crossed I don’t get sick too.

When I woke up this morning, I made what I have coined “silky veggie fritters”. They were absolutely amazing and very filling. I’ll post how I made it later for anyone who might want to try it.

I started making a binder that includes Paleo approved foods, self-made ingredient list and recipes that I have found online, along with any inventions I have made. I have a long way to go on the recipes, but I have a good start and it at least gives me idea.

I broke up my ingredient list (I’ll upload later) into specific categories like fruit, oils, fats, spices, etc. I figured it would make shopping extremely easy and I was right!

Using my ingredient list, I put together a list for my shopping trip today. Eating healthy can be extremely expensive, so I have been looking online and at different stores for the best price.

After finishing my shopping list, I realized that a lot of items could be found at the dollar store; or at least I hoped! I took my shopping and ingredient list and hoped in the car to start shopping. I was extremely surprised at how many items I found at the dollar store. Spices, coconut milk, fresh produce (odd, I know), broth…the list goes on! It was a very successful trip! I recommend giving it a shot!

Update on me…

Overall, I feel good. My digestive system is starting to stabilize and my energy is becoming more consistent. I still have pain but my body feels good so that is helping my manage it better. I like that I don’t have the pain AND feel like poo overall with my health. That’s a 50% improvement in my book!

I’m getting more and more excited with making food. Since it is just me doing this, each recipe I make will provide me with 3-4 servings. I’m up for making and trying anything so that helps with my creativity or lack of.

Anyway, things are going great. I’m so glad that I am doing this and I’m not giving up. It definitely gets easier every day!

Check back soon for recipes on what I ate today and my ingredient list.

Bread Help

I found a great link that had many options on bread that can be made with the paleo diet. The link doesn’t give an actual recipe so you will have to look that up, but it give you a good baseline. Since you can eat meat and veggies on Paleo; why not make a sandwich!

I also found a website that you can buy paleo approved almond and coconut bread.

And then…there is this…it looks so amazing!

These sites have a bunch of other stuff so feel free to look around!

I Cheated

Day Five

The title says it all! I cheated last night for dinner and I don’t feel guilty at all. My journey is about changing my lifestyle not depriving myself from some simple pleasures like spending a night with my partner and son enjoying a delicious dinner. I treated myself to some Mexican food and had a bean burrito. I did get the child size so I didn’t overindulge. When you do cheat, it is important that you don’t gorge.


After eating, I was extremely sick to my stomach. Although I enjoyed eating the food, I did not enjoy the aftermath that it caused. Once my stomach settled down, I seemed to be better; although extremely lethargic. Last night was really rough. After I went to bed, I was up multiple times with pain and at one point I had to get out of bed so I could sit up and try to relax my neck. I definitely contribute the “extra” pain to the food that I ate earlier that night. It was almost like it caused my body to just swell up. Today, I am still in a bit of “extra” pain, very tired and my intestinal system is very, very confused. TMI, I know…but this is what happens.

When I got home last night, I went ahead and packed my food for today and I was pleased with everything that I had. Today has been very successful with my food intake. I am working very hard on having a higher amount of vegetables and I notice that I am not getting the sugar spike that I was the first few days from all of the fruit. The balance seems to be working.

I am worried as this is the first weekend with my new lifestyle and my family is prone to going out to eat a lot on the weekends. I need to make sure that I always have food prepared so when we do go out, I can eat what I have in my bag instead of what is on the menu. I need to stand firm as cheating is a pleasure not a common occurrence. I’ll let you all know how that goes. Wish me luck!

I am off to heat up my lunch with is sautéed veggies in a light coconut oil mix. I am going to work on getting some recipes so I can make bread, tacos, etc. Those yummy carbs that are off limits! I am sure there is a Paleo way of doing it!

Blah and Bland

Today is day four! I can’t believe I have almost made it through a week of this lifestyle change. It is already such a journey and it seems like every one I meet; I am taking along for the ride. I have this desire to tell everyone what I am doing. The funny thing is I don’t even care if they are interested or not! I just hope that those around me see a change in my overall health and that it might get them thinking to make a change as well. I know I am not the only one has done this, but if I can help just one person, that would be worth it.


Last night after work, I was so tired that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Of course, I had to keep them open so I could walk and drive, etc, but I really didn’t want to! I was dreading going home because I didn’t know what I was going to eat. No quick run to Taco Bell. So, a few days ago, I went to Sprouts and got food, but I noticed that mostly I was only eating fruit and not much of anything else. Knowing that isn’t the best thing as I need my veggies too, I decided to try Trader Joe’s. I was tired and weak and didn’t want to go, but I knew that I needed more food.

My concern was convenience. Between work, my partner and our 3 year old son, there is not a lot of time in the day to cook and prepare which really makes this type of lifestyle hard. There is no coming home late at night and going straight to bed or just grabbing a quick bite in a hurry. Last night alone, it took me 90 minutes to cook dinner, eat and then prepare my meals for the next day. Now, I am not saying this to scare you away, I want everything about this blog to be realistic. Your life is going to revolve around food which is ironic since most of you who are doing this with me are trying to get healthy and that normally means less food in your life!

So, along with my partner and our 3 year, we drive to Trader Joe’s and the shopping begins. I swear I lit up like a Christmas tree when I got there! There were so many veggies that were fresh and READY TO GO! I love when the food is already cut up because I just don’t have the time, and honestly it is worth the extra dollar for it. I couldn’t believe the selection and my mind just started spinning with the different foods I could eat. My “blah & bland” thoughts were completely removed. Even with my lack of creativity, I knew I was going to be able to cook without getting bored. This alone is a feat in itself. Most people stop eating healthy because they get bored with the food, the lack of convenience gets to them or they have one bad day and completely give up. Oh yes, and don’t forget that they don’t see immediate results so why even bother…

Anyway, I picked all of these colorful and delicious veggies, cut and sealed, ready to be eaten. I got some coconut oil, almond  butter and another Paleo oil that I can’t remember. We checked out and went home and that’s when the planning started. I took over an entire section of the fridge. The top shelve is no longer allowed to be used except by me! There is tupperware, stacks of foods, bags, and I couldn’t be happier. I felt accomplished and my energy came back.

I made an amazing dinner that I put in a pan and mixed it with water and coconut oil. I used water so I could limit the amount of coconut oil since it is a bit fatty, but very good for you. I added some “approved” seasoning, sprinkled it with Chia seeds and devoured that food like I had never eaten before. I even found myself making noises of pleasure when I ate. Don’t judge!

Now, day four…my energy is great today! I feel alive and well and full of promise! I am eating my vegetables that I prepared last night and overall my body seems to be adjusting. I am still having some intestional issues, but reasearch tells me this is normal. So, if you are doing this too, don’t worry! The best thing to do is bring down your fruit content a bit, increase your veggies and remove nuts for a while until your body is more adjusted. I do wish that for the first month, I could take a nap every day to restart my body, but that isn’t possible, so I am taking B vitamins which is really helping.

It is amazing how draining it can be to make your body healthy. It also amazing how quickly your body can adapt to changes whether good or bad. My choice is the good!

I’m off to eat some celery and almond butter!

Changing…Day 3

Day three is here…it is 9:39 am PST. I have been up since about 6:00 am and all I can think about it food. The idea of eating a huge family size bag of Doritos is dancing in my mind. Throw in a cheese sandwich on french bread and I would be a happy woman!

Well, at least for a short period of time until the guilt sets in and my stomach starts hurting. It is funny how the brain can trick you into wanting things that you don’t really want and especially don’t need. I’ll leave those tantilizing cravings at the door and move forward with my lifestyle.

Update on me:

Surprisingly, I woke up feeling like I had more engery than normal and got out of bed pretty much when my alarm went off. The sluggishness that I normally feel wasn’t there. I was still tired, but who isn’t when they wake up?!

My pain levels haven’t decreased, but I am not expecting any miracles. Even if my pain doesn’t ever go away, at least I will still be healthy from the inside out. I cannot let that discourage me or stop me from achieving my goals.

My mood feels more stable. I am not finding myself getting those high spikes in energy and then crashing a couple hours later. Everything seems to be level and consistent. I still feel tired…more than usual, but I have more energy if that makes any sense at all. I want to say that the food is giving me the right energy and my body trying to detox the bad fodo is draining me. I hope that after a couple weeks, that sensation will go away and it will only be the energy.

All in all, I am doing pretty well. I don’t have the brain fog as bad as I thought I would and I’m functioning at a pretty high level. Woo Hoo!!


I thought I would add anytime I made something that ended up tasting good and was an actual meal of some sort.

Last night, I cut up some Mexican Squash and tossed it around in a frying pan with some seasoning and a little EVOO until they got soft. I really wanted to toss it in coconut oil, but I didn’t have any. I cut up half an avocado and put that on top. It was so delicious. The warm squash softened the avocado which added a nice texture. I felt extremely full and statisfied after I was done eating. The rest of the family had macaroni and cheese. I wanted macaroni and cheese and secretly hoped my son would offer me a bite. He didn’t, so I stuck to my dinner. In the moment, you are thinking, “dang it, I want that yumminess”. After you suprass the moment, you are thinking, “dang, I’m good!”.

Day two was a success and I’m proud of myself. Day three is proving to be easier.

May the raw force be with you…



I’m on day two of this lifestyle. Wow….this is not easy. My energy is low, my head hurts, I want to sleep and crawl in a hole.

I have never craves processed foods more in my life. I want a bean burrito deep fried with enchilada sauce. I want chips and a snickers bar. I want all of these things that I didn’t eat every day anyway, but my body is saying “FEED ME”.

The funny thing is that I AM eating. I’m just not eating refined flour and…well…to be honest…crap.

I went to the store last night and I got fruits, veggies, nuts, protein. I made my servings last night before bed and then took everything with me to work.

So, it is 1:30 PST and here are the things I have discovered:

  1. Eating actual meals are overrated.
  2. My body feels like it is starving unless I eat all day long.
  3. Eating all day long requires a scheduled time to proportion out your food so you don’t over eat.
  4. The food you put in your plastic bag or tupperware always looks like less until you actually start eating it.
  5. My stomach doesn’t like this change in eating and it is letting me know.

My day is continuing and I am not dying. I am being my own warrior and taking accountability for the battle taken place in my body. I’m pretty confident that I am going to lose sometimes. I’m okay with that.

It is okay to fall off the wagon. All that means is tomorrow you have a journey to climb back on.