I’m that person

It’s true! I’ve turned into that person who has to talk to everyone about eating clean and I don’t even care if they want to listen or not! Anytime someone tells me they are going to eat, I respond with “keep it clean!”.

The truth of the matter is that it works. It really does give you more energy and it helps your health in so many ways. My partner has been sick for a week with something awful that I was positive I would get. Nope! It hasn’t broken through my fruits and veggies defense barrier! I have so many vitamins and antioxidants in my body that I haven’t even felt a sniffle. Well, my throat was hurting, but turns out that was my lymph nod, not that yuckiness she has.

I was reading a blog the other day about a woman who hasn’t had a flu shot in 10 years and she also hasn’t gotten sick in 10 years. All because she started eating clean. I find it to be utterly amazing. I began to think if the “common cold” or  if the flu even existed back in the caveman days. Are these viruses that we have made by the sheer unhealthiness of our lifestyles? Are we spreading germs because we aren’t in-taking the right kinds of nutrients; therefore our bodies don’t know how to handle something foreign that might come our way?

I don’t know the answers, but my assumption is that the better you treat your body, the better it will treat you. That my friends is something I will take!

I really want to share with everyone how easy it is to live a Paleo lifestyle or even Paleo with a Twist like me. You can still go out to eat, you can still make “normal dinner”. The only difference is that you are going back to basics when it comes to eating. If you like chicken, make yourself some grilled chicken with veggies instead of rice. Perfection! For me, since I don’t eat meat, it makes it a bit more difficult in social settings, but I make it work. It doesn’t inhibit me from still enjoying life; in fact I enjoy it more now. I have learned to prep my food intake so I am prepared for just about any social setting.

This weekend our 3 year old wanted to go to Red Lobster. Granted my child only eats chicken so it doesn’t matter where we go, but he likes to look at the lobsters. I ordered a salad specifically based on the ingredients listed on the menu. The salad which I was excited about, came and sadly was sent back. There were croutons, cucumbers (I just don’t like them) and all sorts of things piled on top.

I sadly have the waiter take it back and bring me another salad. I could tell he was confused, so I politely explained that there are certain foods that I do not eat because they are considered processed. He seemed to understand and was actually quite pleasant. I got another salad that he essentially let me build and all was well.

On another note…

The other night I made “squash noodles” with a homemade marinara sauce. The noodles were boring and lacked flavor…the sauce was yummy but so runny that it was like a soup. It was a disaster. I’ll work on that creation of mine…

On the same night, instead of an epic failure, I made a wonderful treat that I am naming “Oh, My Muffins”. I’ll post on my recipe tab when I’m done. It was so delicious. One of my dogs even snuck in a muffin; although it wasn’t an approved snack!

I’m not sure what I am going to make tonight. I want to do some recipe checking and get some new ideas. I am lacking in the meal section right now since I have made just about everything I have found. I would say this is an accomplishment so time to start recipe hunting. Besides, payday is tomorrow so time to stock up on some new freshness!

Check out the recipe for my Oh, My Muffins in “My Creations” tab that I just uploaded. You won’t regret it!


These crackers are for you.

That is what I heard as I made my salad this afternoon. I adamantly say to my friend who knows of my new food choices that I don’t eat crackers. She explains she needs crackers for her soup that she had, but they’re only free with my salad. We laughed and I brought her “stolen” crackers with me.

So, I’ve made it through my first week and I am no longer counting. I am beginning to wake up each morning without giving my lifestyle a second thought. It is becoming as much of a habit to me as French fries at McDonalds use to be.

This weekend was surprisingly easy for me. Granted I stayed home all weekend, but that can sometimes be harder since your old comfort foods are still around for the rest of the family and haunt you with their processed yumminess.

So, I took my weekend at home as an opportunity to experiment with food. I’ve already raved about my fritters so I won’t go there again, but I did make more wonderful things!

I successfully made sweet potato fries with homemade ketchup. So yummmmmy! It was a great midnight snack and now I have ketchup!

I also made a delicious and EXTREMELY spicy red pepper and avocado soup. Wow. It was so good and so hot. I was proud of that one. Now, I know I said meals are overrated, but if you don’t make it as a meal per se, you really have 3-4 servings which goes a long way with convenience.

I also made a vegetable melody with coconut milk which was really good and served well for a light lunch or mid day snack.

Today! My most triumphant feat was homemade Paleo Banana Bread! Oh my, it was so good and I indulged in two pieces! I can’t wait to have another piece tomorrow morning with my chia fruit smoothy. Mmmhmmmm!

As I type this, I have my “last leg veggies” simmering in some vegetable broth with seasonings for a delicious soup. That will feed me for a couple days and no food will go to waste; hence the banana bread.

Hey, I think I’m getting the hang of this! I know I owe you some recipes and I promise I’ll upload them soon!


The Dollar Store Has What?

Day 6

Today has been extremely lazy day. My partner woke up with an awful cold and our son has been quietly playing only to wake up from his nap feeling sick. Fingers crossed I don’t get sick too.

When I woke up this morning, I made what I have coined “silky veggie fritters”. They were absolutely amazing and very filling. I’ll post how I made it later for anyone who might want to try it.

I started making a binder that includes Paleo approved foods, self-made ingredient list and recipes that I have found online, along with any inventions I have made. I have a long way to go on the recipes, but I have a good start and it at least gives me idea.

I broke up my ingredient list (I’ll upload later) into specific categories like fruit, oils, fats, spices, etc. I figured it would make shopping extremely easy and I was right!

Using my ingredient list, I put together a list for my shopping trip today. Eating healthy can be extremely expensive, so I have been looking online and at different stores for the best price.

After finishing my shopping list, I realized that a lot of items could be found at the dollar store; or at least I hoped! I took my shopping and ingredient list and hoped in the car to start shopping. I was extremely surprised at how many items I found at the dollar store. Spices, coconut milk, fresh produce (odd, I know), broth…the list goes on! It was a very successful trip! I recommend giving it a shot!

Update on me…

Overall, I feel good. My digestive system is starting to stabilize and my energy is becoming more consistent. I still have pain but my body feels good so that is helping my manage it better. I like that I don’t have the pain AND feel like poo overall with my health. That’s a 50% improvement in my book!

I’m getting more and more excited with making food. Since it is just me doing this, each recipe I make will provide me with 3-4 servings. I’m up for making and trying anything so that helps with my creativity or lack of.

Anyway, things are going great. I’m so glad that I am doing this and I’m not giving up. It definitely gets easier every day!

Check back soon for recipes on what I ate today and my ingredient list.